SWISSPURE At That Time Perfumed Hand Cream 40ml [3 types to choose]

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This hand cream quickly absorbs, does not leave traces.


Product Descriptions

Perfumed hand cream with aroma of alpine herbs contains shea butter for nutrition and moisturizing, herbal complex: lemon, mint, hazelnut for softening the skin of hands. The fresh aroma of herbs brings you to memories on a summer day when you went on holiday to the Alps and rode a bike along the road that runs through the emerald meadows. The cream quickly absorbs, does not leave traces.

The cream comes in several flavors:
  • 01. Perfumed Hand Cream Herb Delight - hand cream with aroma of alpine herbs
  • 02. Perfumed Hand Cream White Edelweiss - hand cream with edelweiss flavor
  • 03. Perfumed Hand Cream (Chiffon Rose) - hand cream with a scent of roses

How to use

Apply to the skin of the hands with massaging movements. Use as often as necessary.

Key Ingredients

The cream contains extracts of edelweiss and alpine herbs .
Edelweiss extract has a proven ability to protect the skin from UV damage, and also to accelerate its healing and recovery after prolonged exposure to the sun.
Extracts of alpine grasses also have the ability to maintain life in extreme climatic conditions, and all the strength of the alpine plants in the form of carefully processed extracts and transfer to the skin.
Created on the basis of shea butter, the cream has a light melting texture, quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving no greasy shine or stickiness, very comfortable on the skin. Shea butter nourishes and softens the skin, helps it to withstand external influences, increases elasticity and elasticity.

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