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Innisfree Beauty Tool Dual Eyeshadow Brush

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Shadow brush for liner that makes the eyes look sharper


-Customized brush line for all from makeup beginners to makeup artists
This brush line has been developed in collaboration of innisfree X makeup artist “Go Won-Hye”. It provides a customized solution for all from makeup beginners to professional makeup artists! The ""curve makeup brush"" easily completes a delicate, natural makeup look, while working along skin texture.

-Customized brush line for all from makeup beginners to makeup artists
The brush designed to delicately fit facial curves completes a skin-fit color makeup.

-Non-irritating, gentle premium synthetic hair
Premium brush hair, optimal for applying powder, helps powder products to be lightly spread on the face without clumps.
*Except for screw brush, mini dual eye shadow tip, mini dual eyebrow brush (screw part)


[How to cleanse brush]

1. If the brush is contaminated, dissolve innisfree beauty tool brush & puff cleanser or a neutral detergent in lukewarm water, dip brush in the water and cleanse it as if shaking off.
2. After rinsing thoroughly with water, lightly press with a towel or tissue to remove water and dry completely in a shady place.
3. When drying the brush, make its hairs stand facing downward or lay it down.

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