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Some By Mi Diamond Brightening Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask 1pc/Box

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Your skin will now shine bright like a diamond

Product description

1. Dark skin? NO! Bright skin? OK!

Pearl extract and diamond powder lighten the dull skin and give the skin a luxurious jewel glow.

2. Using tightly seated Derma-Seal sheets

Using 100% cellulose fabric, it is perfectly close to curved skin,
Maximises the effectiveness of the mask pack by delivering effective ingredients to the skin without leaving out.

3. Dermal hypoallergenic test which tested completely safe

Completed skin hypoallergenic test and is free from harmful ingredients. It is a sheet mask that can be used safely with sensitive skin.


Components with EWG Green grade is a good mask pack that you can use with confidence..

Ingredient components:

Diamond powder 100ppb - Whitening & shining

Pearl extract 10,000ppm - Skin tone improvement

Pomegranate extract 10,000ppm - Vitalization

Rose hip oil - Skin texture improvement

Patent component (Amino acid component) - Prevention of skin aging

About diamonds:

Skin cleansing effect
It is effective for skin exfoliation, pore reduction, skin whitening.
Use for diamond peeling

Mineral content
It has alkaline mineral ion, which helps to maintain shiny skin

Far-infrared radiation
Far infrared penetrates deep into the skin, boosting immunity by activating tissue and promoting metabolism

How to use:

1. After cleansing the face, clean the skin with toner.

2. Remove the mask from its packaging and fit the sheet to the face shape.

3. After 10-20 minutes, remove the mask and tap the remaining essence on the skin.

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