ATOPALM Double Face Cream 35ml

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Soothing dry skin, Natural plant seed oil extract, Gentle ingredients 

Product Description


ATOPALM is South Korea's well known skin care brand, due to the founder Dr. Park’s love for his own son who suffered from atopic dermatitis, the brand’s product are specifically developed for sensitive skin type, pregnant women and babies. The patented MLETM technology replicates a layered structure resembling natural sebum to provide ultimate moisture and vitality by hydrating and protecting the skin, locking in the water and soothing sensitive symptoms, leaving skin healthier and translucent, let you and your family use at ease.


How to use 


After cleansing and toning, apply appropriate amount of product onto face and neck, massage until absorbed.




MLETM Moisturizing, locking moisture, repair the skin barrier.  Bisabolol, Allantoin, Vitamin B5 and Organic Broccoli Extract: Soothe, hydrate and protect skin.  Natural plant seed oil (grape, safflower, green tea, sunflower and jojoba oil): Soothe, hydrate, protect skin and accelerates skin absorption efficiency.



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