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Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Easy Swab (6mlx10s)

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Its folligen properties help to remove dandruff, sebum and impurities from your scalp. 

Product Description

Portable (anytime and anywhere) power cooling swab that immediately removes oil and impurities

- Easy scalp clinic, 1 min. scalp shower for the busy modern people

Product Features

When having fever due to stress, itching head, difficulty in concentrating on study, smell top of head and greasy hair in the afternoon! Easy and simple scalp scaling with 'Clean Stick' with fresh menthol fragrance.

Product Usage 


Product Ingredient 

Dex panthenol, Betaine,Salicylic acid

How to use

Rub gently and evenly the scalp according to scalp texture.

You may use frequently by carrying.

After opening, use immediately, avoid reuse of products.



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