Cosrx Honey Ceramide Eye Cream 30ml

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Treat yourself to something sweet with the Honey Ceramide Eye Cream!

Treat yourself to something sweet with the Honey Ceramide Eye Cream!

Using all-natural ceramides and Manka honey as key ingredients,the Honey Ceramide Eye Cream is made to replenish moisture to the eyes while restoring firmness without the heaviness of a generic eye cream. It has a smooth, silky texture for excellent absortion and is great for sensitive and dry skin as well.*


Impress your honey with the Honey Ceramide Eye Cream!

Experience the sweet symphony of ceramide and organic honey with the Honey Ceramide Eye Cream. The honey provides moisture and nourishment to the skin while the ceramide allows for deep penetration to fill in the gaps to lock in the moisture. The eye area is easily fatigued and easily loses moisture and elasticity. *

So treat yourself to something sweet, because you deserve it ! Restore & rejuvenate your eyes to look and feel healthier and youthful with the Honey Ceramide Eye Cream today!

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