ATOPALM MLE cream Double Set 160ml

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Its patented MLE skin moisture-locking membrane keeps skin moist

Product description


Why the ATOPALM MLE Cream 65ml?


Alleviates skin dryness and sensitivity!

This cream forms an impenetrable moisture-locking membrane.
Its patented MLE skin moisture-locking membrane keeps skin moist
from deep inside and strengthens the skin barrier! 
With a patented MLE® formula that is similar to the skin's lipid structure, it forms a moisture-locking membrane that leaves skin well-moisturized for long. It keeps skin healthy and protects it from external stimuli.

Soothes skin 

Portulaca extract and allantoin compounds comfortably soothe sensitive skin because of external stimuli, thus leaving skin healthy.
Intensively moisturizes affected parts 
Provides excellent moisturizing effects and alleviates dryness and sensitivity when used on dry and affected parts. Its gentle formula is instantly absorbed by skin, which enables easy multiple application.

Completed skin irritation test 

Free from 10 additives that are harmful to the skin
MLE® is NeoPharm's internationally patented skin barrier technology that forms a lasting moisture-locking membrane. This membrane is the most similar to a healthy skin structure. Aside from providing protection and rich moisture, it also enhances the skin barrier of dry and sensitive skin.

How to use

After cleansing, evenly apply an appropriate amount of Cream onto the face at the last step of your skincare routine. Use as often as necessary, paying special attention to those stubborn, troublesome dry spots on elbows, knees and heels.



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