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Missha Near Skin Dustless Clarifying Toner 250ml

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Clarifying toner keeps skin clean and moisturized by effectively removing impurities and dead skin cells

Product Features

- defense the skin, by removing the skin impurities, tidy the skin texture

- contains the lotus nutrition

- it helps to take care of tired skin

- anti adsorption test

1. Protects Skin
Protects skin with anions

2. Refreshes and Moisturizes with Purifying Energy
Nourishing Lotus Flower Complex refreshes and softens skin while providing moisture

3. Provides Gentle Care
Skin-friendly ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid care for skin that has been harmed by external stressors

4. Absorption Test
Clarifying toner provides a light and clean finish which hinders dust particles' adherence to the skin

How To Use

After done with the skin care process applied it along the skin texture and pat it to help the absorption process


Anionic component, lotus nutrition complex, skin-friendly ingredients

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