ATOPALM Special Care Set

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  • Top to toe wash 300ml x 1ea
  • + MLE lotion 120ml x 1ea
  • + MLE cream 65ml x 1ea
  • (Additional Travelling Kit)
  • + MLE lotion 20ml x 1ea
  • + MLE cream 8ml x 2ea

Product Description


This Special Set contains three best selling Atopalm products and deluxe size samples.

ATOPALM Top to Toe Wash 300ml

ATOPALM MLE Lotion 120ml + MLE Lotion 20ml

ATOPALM MLE Cream 65ml + MLE Cream 8ml x2

Top To Toe Wash

A non-drying 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo cleanses off impurities and irritations while leaving skin supple and moisturized.

 MLE Lotion

Dermatologically tested, mild in nature without harsh ingredients, especially formulated for babies.
Soft textured without giving unpleasant stickiness.
Packed with 5 kinds of plant based oil such as grapeseed oil, safflower seed oil, green tea seed oil, sunflower seed oil and jojoba seed oil.


How to use


Use after cleansing or shower. Remove moist before application. Upgraded formula enhances moisturizing effect that lasts for 48 hours and creates skin barrier from external aggressors. Use after cleansing or shower. Take generous amount and spread over face, neck, arms and legs. Let absorb.


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